Eastern Christian Formation (ECF) Program

Our Eastern Christian Formation (ECF) Program is provided for our young people to educate them about their faith and the spiritual traditions of the Byzantine Rite.  It meets every scheduled Sunday morning at 8:45 AM in the school building.  Afterwards the children and chatichist will attend the 10AM Divine Liturgy.

It is essential that parents and students give their full cooperation to the parish program. This begins with consistent attendance and participation in the Sunday Divine Liturgy as well as the ECF Class. It is every parent’s responsibility to insure the religious education of their children! As the Author of our Liturgy, St. John Chrysostom once said, “There is no greater calling than the education of our youth in the faith.”   The program is an offering of our parish; in turn, may everyone offer the very best of themselves for this program!!! 

The 2022 - 2023 Catechists are:
Ms. Marie Wanchick 
Mr. John Kostishak
Mr. Charles Keer (Coordinator)

For more information, contact our ECF Coordinator Mr Charles Keer at 570-898-7692,  Mr. John Kostishak at 570-527-6708. Also, you can send an email to or