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Who are Byzantine Catholics?

After the day of Pentecost, the apostles spread out over the world to take the good news (Gospel) of Christ to the world. They went to the major cities of the Roman empire and Christianized the various cultures and traditions of the people they found there and developed liturgies. Among these apostles were, of course, our co-patrons, Saints Peter and Paul, the Prime Apostles and Pillars of the Church. Saint Peter’s bother, St. Andrew, is also known as the Apostle to the East.

One of these metropolitan cities was Constantinople (at that time known as Byzantium) where two Greek missionaries, SS. Cyril and Methodius, brought the Byzantine way of worship to Central and Eastern Europe. From these ethnic groupings (Slavs, Greeks, Hungarians, Croatians, Russians, Ukrainians) many people emigrated to the United States at the end of the 19th century bringing with them the Byzantine Rite and traditions. Many settled in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania, known as the “Coal Region,” for work in the mines. Many members of SS. Peter & Paul Church are descendents of these immigrants.

A Brief History of the Byzantine Rite

Yes, we are Catholics in communion with the Holy Father, the Pope of Rome whom we recognize as the visible Head of the Catholic Church. We are recognized as being "Catholic" by the local Roman Catholic Bishops and the Bishops of the United States and the whole world.

Any Catholic may attend our churches, receive the Sacraments (Holy Mysteries), and fulfill one’s Sunday and Holyday obligation.

While we are "Catholics", we are not considered Roman Catholics, but Catholics who are identified as being Eastern of Byzantine Catholics. In both the East and West Catholics share the same faith and have the same seven Sacraments. We Eastern Catholics express this faith in the unique rituals, traditions, and customs of our Byzantine Rite. As the late, great Pope John Paul II once said, "The Church as a Body must learn to breath once again with both its lungs – its Eastern and Western lungs."

SS Peter & Paul Church

Over the last several decades, the parish has undergone major renovations. In the early 1990's, under Fr. Donald Kranak, Hillcrest was modernized, the church interior was repainted, and a breezeway was installed, connecting church and rectory. Fr. Michael Mondik continued the renovations in the late 1990's with new icons for the church and screen, new domes, a new church canopy and entrance... [Continue]

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